Thank You to all Tesco Customers

23rd November 2021

Hi to all Tesco customers and all volunteers involved with the Tesco collection last weekend. Across the three days and two Tesco stores, we collected an impressive 3,675kg of food and toiletry donations. This is an excellent total and will go a long way in refilling our shelves with the items we were running short of. Tesco also adds to this collection by donating cash at 20% of the value of the stock donated, which should be about £1,200.
All these donations will be put to good use – we are seeing record levels of demand with 595 vouchers issued in October, feeding 1188 people (393  of them children). Very high numbers, but at least we are able to provide some food and comfort.
Our next collection is at Sainsburys on Clapham Road, on Saturday 11th December 10:00am-2:00pm. Please look out for us there!
Many thanks for your support, the Bedford Foodbank Management Team

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