Covid19 Update – updated 28/5/20

17th March 2020

At present all foodbank centres remain open except for Scott Hall (Thursdays). We will continue to operate our voucher system so please request a voucher from your referral agency.

Please continue to donate food to us, our current needs are: Jam, Jars of Sauce (curry/sweet&sour), Tinned Potatoes, Tinned Carrots, Tea-bags (160), Nappies (size 5+6), Hand Soap, Anti-Bac Spray Cleaners, Washing Up Liquid, Shower Gel, Toothbrushes, Deodorant, Shampoo. If you are unable to donate food at this time and would rather donate money please  go to Many thanks for your support.

For anyone who is unable to get out shopping due to self-isolation, Bedford council have a hub  [email protected]  (01234 718101) that is co-ordinating  food deliveries – please contact this service direct. There is also a Facebook group Bedford Kindness.

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